Book Recommendation: Running for Judge

Running for Judge: Campaigning on the Trail of Despair, Deliverance, and Overwhelming Success by Tim Fall is a deeply personal look at one man’s experience of living and thriving with anxiety. It is courageous anytime someone shares their story of struggle with the world. It is all the more courageous when an elected official andContinue reading “Book Recommendation: Running for Judge”

Announcing the First Annual Lawyer Well-Being Week

Today, the National Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being is announcing the first annual Lawyer Well-Being Week which will be held May 4-8, 2020. This initiative is a joint effort of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division and its Attorney Well-Being Committee, and the ABA Commission on LawyerContinue reading “Announcing the First Annual Lawyer Well-Being Week”

Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Industry

“I see families in their darkest hours. Some have made choices that put their children in danger–or worse, harmed them intentionally. Others are desperately trying to save a drug addicted child’s life. There are women desperate to get away from an abuser. Kids are acting out because they are in pain, getting into even worseContinue reading “Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Industry”

The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

It should come as no surprise that sexual harassment is another prong of the pitchfork that is the toxic culture in the legal profession. The pitchfork that leads to suicide, addictions, and burnout for lawyers and professionals. The pitchfork that leads to increased malpractice, absenteeism/attrition, and impact on profitability. In a new survey conducted byContinue reading “The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession”

R&R: Resilience Round-up #2

Well Being Pledge The ABA has created a seven point Well-Being Pledge for Legal Employers. Included in the pledge is a call to create “visible partnerships with outside resources committed to reducing substance use disorders and mental health distress in the profession: healthcare insurers, lawyer assistance programs, EAPs, and experts in the field.”  Where’s theContinue reading “R&R: Resilience Round-up #2”

The Interplay of Stress, Disruption, and Innovation

Innovation and disruption are words taking up a lot of ink right now, particularly in the legal industry where AI, NewLaw, compensation restructuring, and encroachment of the Big Four are coming fast and furious. Both have one common core: change. And change is stressful. It does not matter whether that change is positive or negative,Continue reading “The Interplay of Stress, Disruption, and Innovation”

BigLaw Isn’t Waking Up To The Alarm and It’s Killing Lawyers

Today, Baker McKenzie confirmed the death of their Global Chair, Paul Rawlinson. In October of last year, Rawlinson took a leave of absence to focus on his personal health. Today’s announcement of his untimely passing included word that his health issues were “caused by exhaustion.” The lives of the Rawlinson family is forever changed: children suddenlyContinue reading “BigLaw Isn’t Waking Up To The Alarm and It’s Killing Lawyers”

R&R: Resilience Round-up

A weekly brief round-up of articles, conversations, hot-takes, and quips in the world of corporate and legal resilience. 1. Joe Milowic’s Story of Depression Should Spur Renewed Focus on Lawyer Well-being With the backdrop of Joe Milowic’s story of depression and renewal, this letter to the editor by Joseph Bellacosa in the New York LawContinue reading “R&R: Resilience Round-up”

One BigLaw Firm’s Response to ‘Inappropriate Personal Conduct’ Demonstrates Its Resilience

Yesterday, the law firm Mayer Brown took the swift and decisive action in terminating one of its high-profile partners, Zac Barnett, for “inappropriate personal conduct” with one of his subordinates. How an organization reacts to crisis and challenge often reveals more about the culture than the crisis or challenge itself. This is particularly true regardingContinue reading “One BigLaw Firm’s Response to ‘Inappropriate Personal Conduct’ Demonstrates Its Resilience”