Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!

It snowed in Charlottesville all day yesterday. When it finally eased off around 10pm, we had close to 8 inches of snow. The white blanket looked festive and sparkling surrounded in the neighborhood Christmas lights. I had been slow to feel much in the holiday spirit this year, but having “real snow” in Virginia beforeContinue reading “Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!”

Understanding Childhood Attachment Trauma

I ask that we all take a moment to understand what is happening inside the hearts and brains of the children sitting in warehouses right now alone, yearning to be nurtured, slowly dying for their parents. Trauma can be defined as a deeply disturbing event or series of events outside the normal human experience. ChronicContinue reading “Understanding Childhood Attachment Trauma”

Giving Yourself the Apology You Didn’t Receive

Apologies. Making amends. Asking forgiveness. We have all been there on both sides of the “I am sorry.” If we are on the side of asking forgiveness, it means we have recognized a person’s pain and our part in that pain. At its core, saying “I am sorry” means “I see you.” Receiving an apologyContinue reading “Giving Yourself the Apology You Didn’t Receive”

Goal Setting Builds Resilience

Being resilient is a belief in the 3 P’s (Personalization, Permanence, and Pervasiveness) for managing upset. This concept comes from Dr. Martin Seligman and it is a reminder that: in the midst of our adversity that while it involves us, it is not necessarily because of us (personalization), that the feeling of grief/ challenge/ crisisContinue reading “Goal Setting Builds Resilience”

Resilient Lawyers: The Drum That I’ll Keep Beating

“50 percent [of attorneys polled] said their career in law had adversely affected their mental health, while 79 percent said that they would not feel comfortable seeking support from their law firm if they were suffering from a mental health concern.” This came from The American Lawyer’s article We Need an Open Dialogue on MentalContinue reading “Resilient Lawyers: The Drum That I’ll Keep Beating”

Akin Gump Makes Steps to Improve Attorney Well-being. What Can Your Firm Do?

In response to increasing rates of depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide among attorneys, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld has taken great strides in making the emotional and mental well-being of their lawyers a priority. Beginning in June, the Akin Gump Washington D.C. office will have on-site counselors available for appointments one day each week. This isContinue reading “Akin Gump Makes Steps to Improve Attorney Well-being. What Can Your Firm Do?”