The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Photo: Annalisa Grassano

It should come as no surprise that sexual harassment is another prong of the pitchfork that is the toxic culture in the legal profession. The pitchfork that leads to suicide, addictions, and burnout for lawyers and professionals. The pitchfork that leads to increased malpractice, absenteeism/attrition, and impact on profitability. In a new survey conducted by the International Bar Association found that one third of all women in the legal profession have experienced sexual harassment in her workplace. While there has yet to be a study that shows correlation between rates of low resilience/poor mental health and incidents of sexual harassment in the legal industry is a leap not hard to make.

For the legal profession, be in firms Big to small, in-house legal departments, or government legal departments, this is yet another corrosive issue that demands attention.

Read more about this latest survey in Above the Law’s article A Look at the Staggering Sexual Harassment Numbers in the Legal Profession.

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