The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

It should come as no surprise that sexual harassment is another prong of the pitchfork that is the toxic culture in the legal profession. The pitchfork that leads to suicide, addictions, and burnout for lawyers and professionals. The pitchfork that leads to increased malpractice, absenteeism/attrition, and impact on profitability. In a new survey conducted byContinue reading “The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession”

R&R: Resilience Round-up #2

Well Being Pledge The ABA has created a seven point Well-Being Pledge for Legal Employers. Included in the pledge is a call to create “visible partnerships with outside resources committed to reducing substance use disorders and mental health distress in the profession: healthcare insurers, lawyer assistance programs, EAPs, and experts in the field.”  Where’s theContinue reading “R&R: Resilience Round-up #2”