R&R: Resilience Round-up #2

Well Being Pledge

The ABA has created a seven point Well-Being Pledge for Legal Employers. Included in the pledge is a call to create “visible partnerships with outside resources committed to reducing substance use disorders and mental health distress in the profession: healthcare insurers, lawyer assistance programs, EAPs, and experts in the field.” 

Where’s the Zeal?

The word “zeal” has been stricken from the New York State Rules of Professional Responsibility. While no reason was given for the change, the author of this article believes it is because zeal had been used as an excuse for “chronic incivility,” and toxic work cultures.

Can Tracking Happiness Make Us Happier?

Founder of The Happiness Lab, Dave Bellamy talks about tracking happiness in his latest article. Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car, suddenly, the streets seemed filled with your car? By noticing the things we want more of in our life–happiness, gratitude, opportunity, connection–the more we feel surrounded by it. The same is true if we notice the bad luck or missed chances. What we water is what will grow.

Lawyers, Experts Fear Dire Consequences as the Pace of Legal Work Accelerates

The New York Law Journal discusses The New York State Bar Association release of its standards on civility this month. Highlighted in the standards is a push against the unrealistic deadlines and timelines imposed by clients and colleagues, alike.

Mental Health and Well-Being: How Law Students Can Get Help and Help Others

This episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast features Terry Harrell and John Berry talking about mental health and well-being in the legal profession and law schools.

Long Overdue Step Taken to Remove Mental Health Stigma in Law

From the Connecticut Law Tribune, “On Jan. 25, 2019, the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee voted to remove mental health questions from the Connecticut bar application, ending long-standing criticism from advocates about the overreaching and discriminatory practice.”

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