Giving Yourself the Apology You Didn’t Receive

Apologies. Making amends. Asking forgiveness. We have all been there on both sides of the “I am sorry.” If we are on the side of asking forgiveness, it means we have recognized a person’s pain and our part in that pain. At its core, saying “I am sorry” means “I see you.” Receiving an apologyContinue reading “Giving Yourself the Apology You Didn’t Receive”

The Scientifically Proven Emotional Benefit of Experiencing Collective Joy (Yes, Even Royal Weddings)

Yesterday I saw someone lament on social media that we were still talking about the royal wedding a whole four days later. He was over it, people. Let’s get back to the real world with its runnels of car-engulfing lava and stomach churning political climate! Part of me could absolutely relate. I, too, get consumed withContinue reading “The Scientifically Proven Emotional Benefit of Experiencing Collective Joy (Yes, Even Royal Weddings)”

The Point of Pain (Part 1)

We all want to avoid pain; it is encoded into our DNA as a means of self-protection. Whether we make the extra trip to the medicine cabinet to ease the physical pain of a headache or tip back a larger than normal pour of chardonnay to ease the emotional pain of a heartbreak, we seekContinue reading “The Point of Pain (Part 1)”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 9- Mindfulness

If you are like me, you might picture an individual in a very Zen posture in deep meditation any time someone mentioned mindfulness. Also, if you are like me, your reaction might be “who’s got time for THAT?” I’ve told myself that even if I had time, I’d be terrible at it. My mind wouldContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 9- Mindfulness”

Intensity, Not Drama

“Whoa, that was intense!” Do you remember the last time you used that phrase in the office? Most of the time when someone describes something as “intense”, they often mean something related to an event that that was emotionally charged and sometimes even chaotic. Think of it as the “reality show reaction” to work environments: aContinue reading “Intensity, Not Drama”

Monday Motivation: Protect Your Energy

I admit it, I’m all about the #hashtag life. I get a kick out of what is trending on social media. Every Monday comes the flurry of #mondaymotivation on Twitter (61k and counting as of 9am this morning). There is a lot of “go-go-go” and “slay” and “can’t stop/ won’t stop”–and it is GREAT! ExceptContinue reading “Monday Motivation: Protect Your Energy”