RESILIENCE IN THE MIDST OF THE COVID-19 CRISIS: Establishing Emotional Boundaries

This is the seventh piece in an ongoing series on topics relating to how we cope personally and collectively in the midst of this health crisis. For questions, topic suggestions, resources, or other, please feel free to reach me at I will also be holding a FB Live each day that I post an updateContinue reading “RESILIENCE IN THE MIDST OF THE COVID-19 CRISIS: Establishing Emotional Boundaries”

Setting Your Intentions and Giving Yourself Permission

I start my workshops the same way nearly every time. I ask participants to write their intention for the day on a sticky note. It can be anything. Often they are related to the topic of the workshop (resilience), but sometimes it is just about how they want to be that day. Intentions that IContinue reading “Setting Your Intentions and Giving Yourself Permission”

Balance is Bullsh*t!

I am going to cut to the chase. Balance is bullshit. It is a myth. It is a unicorn that is more likely to be a disinterested pony with a papier-maché horn than some magical beast ready to carry us to the rainbow world of perfect harmony. I hope that doesn’t sound too pessimistic becauseContinue reading “Balance is Bullsh*t!”