Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!

It snowed in Charlottesville all day yesterday. When it finally eased off around 10pm, we had close to 8 inches of snow. The white blanket looked festive and sparkling surrounded in the neighborhood Christmas lights. I had been slow to feel much in the holiday spirit this year, but having “real snow” in Virginia beforeContinue reading “Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!”

Workplace Resilience: Where Do We Start?

Through years of working with and for various organizations and industries, I have yet to meet one person who said they did not care if their people or teams struggled with resilience, had low morale, suffered from burnout, or experienced low productivity. Of course, every leader wants successful, happy, content, engaged, and resilient people. Right?Continue reading “Workplace Resilience: Where Do We Start?”

Don’t Quit Yer Crying!

A few days ago, news of a “Cry Closet” installation at the University of Utah went viral. A senior year art student, Nemo Miller, built this stand-alone closet which allows students to spend a few minutes to let out the stress of college with a good, old-fashioned cry. The student said he would leave theContinue reading “Don’t Quit Yer Crying!”