About Renee

Combining over 20 years in education, counseling and non-profit management, my passion and purpose is helping individuals, teams, and organizations cultivate resilience. After years of working with survivors of trauma and the caregivers who help heal them, I became enthralled with what is was that allowed people to not only survive, but thrive through their greatest crisis. The answer is resilience. What is even more exciting is that resilience can be taught, strengthen and cultivated. 

It is not only trauma survivors and their caregivers who experience the impact of toxic and chronic stress. It can impact anyone in any profession. In recent years, organizations have begun to lead efforts to minimize the damage caused by toxic stress, burnout, addictions and mental health concerns found in high-risk professions like the legal, finance, healthcare and non-profit sectors. 

As a Certified Resilience Coach (CReC), I provide clients with immediately usable tools to increase resilience, well-being, and optimism in the workplace. I work with lawyers, legal marketers, business professionals, non-profit leaders, and others to help them understand and incorporate resilience in their own professional lives and in the teams they lead.

I administer the PR6™ resilience assessments, presentations, and workshops on the six domains of resilience for professionals and business organizations. These include law firms, practice groups, non-pro-fits, and business teams within an organization. This allows leaders to address organizational strengths and weaknesses and to implement growth plans through coaching, consultation, and the Driven™ app-based tools.

Common Use Case Scenarios:
-On-boarding new associates
-Newly formed teams/divisions
-Management training programs
-Organizational restructuring, mergers, large-scale organizational change
-Crisis recovery
-Underperforming/dysfunctional teams

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