About Renee


Who I am:

Teacher. Learner. Not always in that order. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado, as well as years of experience helping individuals, organizations, and non-profits to become more resilient. The process of building resilience is grounded in Narrative Therapy theories: understanding the stories we have been told about ourselves and our communities, deconstructing the stories that don’t serve our authenticity and resilience, and rewriting our narratives to showcase our genuine selves—both the personal and the collective. I help organizations from small non-profits to larger companies and law firms cultivate cultures of resilience so their work continues to flourish. I work with larger groups through keynote speaking and training. I work with smaller groups through intensive workshops. I work with individuals through coaching.

Who I am not:

I am not always “The Expert.” I am not the expert of your life, your organizations, nor of your circles of community. I do not have it figured all out yet, mostly because there is no such thing as “figuring it all out.” Resilience is a practice, not a product. I have discovered, however, that there are certain paths that we can take to make the journey richer, more successful…and certainly less lonely…when we voyage together.

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