Is B.S. getting in the way of Trust and Connection on your team?

If trust and psychological safety make up the backbone of a high performing and happy team, what is the thing that gets in the way? I’ll be blunt: it’s a big pile of B.S. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me take it back to what happens before the B.S. gets deep. Because teamsContinue reading “Is B.S. getting in the way of Trust and Connection on your team?”

Election Week “Baker’s Dozen” of Mental Well-Being Tips

If you don’t have a plan for taking care of your mental well-being this week, I invite you to do so today. What can you do more of that fills your bucket? Here are some ideas: 1. Turn up the volume and take a music break. Whether it is soothing ambient tunes, rage releasing metal,Continue reading “Election Week “Baker’s Dozen” of Mental Well-Being Tips”

The Hopeful, Courageous Power of Anger

“Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.” Augustine of Hippo There is a lot to be angry about. Skyrocketing rates of COVID, financial stress from months of quarantine, deadly racial injustice, political chaos…andContinue reading “The Hopeful, Courageous Power of Anger”

Mindfulness Without The “Meditation”

Meditation has been proven to manage stress and anxiety, increase focus, and interrupt negative thought patterns. For a variety of reasons, however, many people don’t feel that traditional meditation is for them: it feels “too woo-woo” to them, that it is counter to their practice of faith, or that it is connected only to theContinue reading “Mindfulness Without The “Meditation””

On Being Anti-Racist and Resilient

Integrity. It is embedded into the practice of resilience because one cannot be fully resilient so long as behaviors are incongruent with professed values. That is why it is not enough for me to merely be passively “not racist,” but actively anti-racist in the life that I lead and the business that I run. MyContinue reading “On Being Anti-Racist and Resilient”

The Second Arrow: Avoiding Added Suffering

There is a Buddhist parable referred to as The Second Arrow. In one telling of the story, the Buddha asks one of his students, “If a person is struck by an arrow, is it painful?” The student replied , “It is.” The Buddha then asked, “If the person is struck by a second arrow, isContinue reading “The Second Arrow: Avoiding Added Suffering”

Well-Being Open Forum Call, Friday, April 24

I am looking forward to Friday when I will be holding a free Well-Being Open Forum Call on Zoom on Friday April 24th from 12pm-1pm EST. I will be sharing ideas for how we can cultivate our resilience during this time of turbulence and crisis. We will also talk about how to be a well-beingContinue reading “Well-Being Open Forum Call, Friday, April 24”

Maintaining Emotional Safety & Healthy Work Boundaries from Home

When I worked at the Community Counseling Center in Denver, Colorado, I knew that no matter what kind of crisis, trauma, and grief I had witnessed in my clients, I had a 40 minute-drive home in which I could decompress and reorient myself into home life. My front door was the threshold that once IContinue reading “Maintaining Emotional Safety & Healthy Work Boundaries from Home”

On Acceptance

Yesterday, my morning mindfulness practice focused on acceptance. I left the practice feeling ready to embrace the present reality. Then, the governor of Virginia announced that in response to the rapid rise of coronavirus, mandatory stay-at-home orders would last through June 10. Although we had already been practicing stay-at-home for more than two weeks, aContinue reading “On Acceptance”