Keep Indulging!

Happy New Year! And yes, you read that headline right. Keep indulging! I know it’s January 4th and if you are like me, you are sitting somewhere back at work, slightly dazed, and craving fondue and a cocktail even though it’s just 11:15am. We’ve indulged and partied and celebrated and taken naps and lived in our snowflake footie PJ’s like it was our paying job. Then, at the blink of an eye, like Cinderella’s carriage turning to a pumpkin, we are back at our cubicles or juggling our households (and likely, both). It’s Friday, but it feels like Wednesday. Not only that, we don’t simply get to go back to our pre-holiday routine. No. Now we have to be Our Better Selves and not eat the gluten and go to the gym and eat a vegetable or two. Holidays are weird and life is hard.

That’s why I am banning resolutions this year and, instead, calling for more indulging! I want us to indulge in our resilience, to gorge on our hope, and to stuff ourselves with positive connections.

Words are powerful, so let’s start the year out with the powerful belief that resilience is not only a practice, it is an indulgence. It is a gift to ourselves and to those we love. For the first six months of 2019, we will be concentrating on a different aspect of resilience each month. Those are: Meaning, Achievement, Relationships, Vitality, Positivity and Engagement. Each month will bring blog posts, webinars, self-assessments, challenges and more. Most of this content will be free for you to use and share. That’s a smorgasbord we can keep coming back to!

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