Parts Unknown

Much has been said, and will continue to be said, about Anthony Bourdain. I know he made me feel more brave and in awe of the world–not just of the bright and shiny facade of the places we travel, but the small treasures hidden around crooked corners, of the people and the food and the culture that tourists do not see, but that true travelers most certainly do. He introduced us to the parts unknown.

“Parts unknown.” The metaphor has always been right there for us. It is even more clear now. We all have parts unknown. Unknown to others and even unknown to ourselves. We are fractured from our own parts of self. For all of the talk of our “selfie society,” we are less self-aware. For all of the ways we can communicate, tribalism keeps us from finding links of connection to those different from us. In many ways, we are more isolated that we have ever been. The parts unknown are literally killing us. Death by suicide has increased by 25% in under thirty years. We are hard wired to connect, to belong, to be seen. Without it, we atrophy.

Some part of the remedy, then, must be to make ourselves known. Known to ourselves and known to each other. Be curious. Stay connected. Cultivating resilience through connection and curiosity is why I am here. It is my passion and my purpose. If you are seeking ways to cultivate resilience in your life and in your community, I hope that you reach out. Be known. Seek to know others.

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