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Cultivating Resilience for Well-Being & High Performance

I facilitate workshops and trainings that enable teams to maintain high performance by

increasing resilience and well-being. 

Whether I am helping to onboard new hires or working with well-seasoned teams, I bring dynamic, engaging, and fun workshops that leave attendees empowered to put resilience skills to immediate use.

NEW: Return to Office Well-Being Starter Kit

As law firms and businesses begin to return to the office, new challenges and opportunities to employee well-being will emerge. This Return to Office Well-Being Starter Kit is designed for leaders and managers. Renee will help leaders: 

  • Understand the short term and long term impact of individual and collective trauma of COVID-19
  • Identify unique stressors and other pinch points that will impact well-being in the return to office transition 
  • Create a plan to maintain well-being using The Resilience Library™

The Resilience Library™

Resilience building works as a proactive measure both in the individual lives of those working in the legal profession and also challenges unhelpful cultural norms and systemic patterns. In this half day workshop, we will work with law firm leaders, attorneys, and other legal professionals to identify and curate a Resilience Library™ based on the six different domains of resilience:

  • Values
  • Connection
  • Calm
  • Health
  • Reasoning
  • Optimism

Resilient Leadership

Often when leaders implement well-being initiatives, the focus is on opportunities for personal wellness (mindfulness classes or chair massages) or organizational wellness (collaborative workspaces or flex leave policies). There is a great need that rests between the personal and the systemic, and that is the interpersonal. As a leader, be it a managing partner, department leader, or committee chair, fostering resilient interpersonal behaviors not only increases the well-being of the team, but increases the team’s performance as well. Resilient leadership requires people to cultivate three qualities in their teams:

  • Authentic connection. The psychological safety and trust that comes from connection is the greatest indicator of high performing teams.
  • Lived values. Integrity within a team and organization is dependent on the congruity between professed values and behaviors.
  • Grounded optimism. The realistic hope that allows us to be tenacious and employ grit when we are experiencing crisis, challenge, or change.

Renee focuses on many skills, but she has a particularly strong set of skills in the area of helping individuals grow more resilient, which allows them to weather any storm or circumstance that comes their way.

Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing

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