Renee on the Road

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October 2019

  • 24th-25th- Nashville, TN

    • College of Law Practice Management, 2019 Futures Conference 
    • Breakout session: Resilience and the High Performance Culture
      •  As the legal profession wakes up to the reality of workplace toxicity, experts illustrate how to quantify the economic, social, and client service benefits of embracing a resilient workforce while maintaining a high‐performing culture.

June 2019

  • 13th- Washington D.C.

    • DC Bar Association Law Firm Wellness Consortium Quarterly meeting: Cultivating Resilient Lawyers
  • 18th-20th- Dearborn, MI

    • Legal Marketing Association Midwest Regional Conference
    • Breakout session: 6 Domains of Law Firm Resilience
    • Registration: RECON Midwest 2019

May 2019

  • 13th- Chicago, IL

    • She Breaks the Law event.
  • 21st- Charlottesville, VA

April 2019

  • 6-10- Atlanta, Georgia

March 2019

February 2019

  • 21st- Charlottesville, VA
    • Quadruplicity Women’s Conference: Our Stories
    • Breakout sessions: Resilient Women: Surviving and Thriving in the Messy Middle

December 2018

  • 1st- Richmond, VA
    • Mid-Atlantic Talent Development Association Professional Conference
    • Breakout session: Cultivating Organizational Resilience

October 2018

  • 18th- Charlottesville, VA
    • ReadyKids
    • Engagement session: Combating Compassion Fatigue; Growing Your Resilience

September 2018

  • 11th- Charlottesville, VA
    • Charlottesville Society of Human Resource Management’s Annual Conference: The Power of You
    • Breakout Session: Growing Your Resilience
  • 12th Charlottesville, VA
    • Foothills Child Advocacy Center
    • Engagement session: Combating Compassion Fatigue; Growing Your Resilience

July 2018

  • Sydney, Australia July 23-27

June 2018

  • Washington, D.C. June 16-18

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