Speaking and Training

Engagement Sessions

Brief 60-90 minute sessions that are ideal for “Lunch and Learn”-type events. Engagement sessions are intended to be introductions into the concepts of workplace stress/ burnout, well-being, self-care and resilience. Topics typically include:
  • How our minds and bodies process different types of stress
  • How chronic stress harms well-being, productivity and life-satisfaction
  • Why some people “naturally” handle stress better than others
  • Identifying the negative impact of chronic stress
  • Self-care tips for decreasing harmful reactions to stress


  • Growing Your Resilience

    • Based on the workshops above, this keynote is designed to illustrate the meaning and importance of resiliency. It also challenges the group to reflect and inquire about how they can develop their own resiliency.
    • Length: 30 minutes to one hour keynote.


  • Splashing Around the Messy Middle:

    • This keynote is all about learning to accept and embrace the messy struggle of our challenges. Whether we face them in our personal or professional lives, the messy middle is the breeding ground for growth and resilience.
    • Length: 15 minute “TED-style” talk to one hour keynote.


  • A Non-Pollyanna’s Guide to Optimism and Gratitude:

    • We know (because we keep being told) that the path to emotional well-being is rooted in optimism and gratitude. Some of us, however (ahem…I’m looking at you, Eeyore), don’t quite come across that naturally. And even the most Pollyanna amongst us sometimes feel the strain of the perma-smile as we try to continue to see the silver lining. This humorous look at how we can experience authentic optimism and gratitude is ideal for the skeptics and the Negative Nellies, as well as the Pollyanna’s and gratitude gurus.
    • Length: 15 minute “TED-style” talk to one hour keynote.


  • Growing Your Personal Resilience

    • A deeper dive program including hands-on, interactive training on the different dimensions of resilience. Using the theories of Positive Psychology and Narrative Therapy as well as a healthy dose of humor, dialogue and group interaction, this workshop is designed to illustrate the concept of resilience, how it impacts all aspects of a person’s life and simple, yet impactful, daily ways to build one’s own resiliency.
    • Length: Half day and whole day workshops


  • Growing Your Personal Resilience: Helpers Edition

    • Targeted specifically for direct service providers and first responders, this workshop focuses on ways build resiliency in order to combat vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. Built on the same principles and framework as the personal resiliency workshop, this training includes special considerations and focus areas for the unique challenges of direct providers.
    • Length: Half day and whole day workshops


  • Growing Your Organizational Resilience

    • Designed for leaders and managers, this workshop illustrates how resilient teams impact an organization’s health, culture, mission and bottom line. It is created to teach leaders how to identify resilience in their team members, as well as how to help each member grow in their own resilience. We will also discuss how to create a culture of resilience at an organizational level through leadership development.
    • Length: Half day or whole day workshops. Can be combined with one of the workshops above to create a two-day workshop.

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching for individuals, managers, and leaders which focuses on honing resiliency skills for themselves or as a way of guiding and developing their teams. This individual coaching can also be provided for team members who are experiencing challenge or change that might be negatively impacting their well-being and performance. This coaching course can be done in-person, via Skype/ Zoom, or teleconference and includes pre and post coaching assessments.

Custom Assessments and Long Term Consultations

Designed to fit your unique needs, challenges and opportunities, we will work with leaders, managers and team members to determine an organization’s resiliency strengths and areas for growth. Beginning with a series of assessments and interviews to gauge organizational resilience, strengths and challenges, a custom series of programming is developed to work with leadership teams and/ or “front-line” employees. This typically spans a 6 month to a 12 month engagement and is highly specialized for targeted needs. Components include training, workshops and individual coaching.  


To book Renee for keynotes, workshops, or to work with her one on one, please complete the form below or email her at renee.branson72@gmail.com.

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