As more law firms are signing on to the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge, the next logical question arises: “Now what?” How are these ideals operationalized? Who takes on the responsibility to assess the needs of the firm, create programming, design outcomes, and measure growth?  Not every firm wants or has the ability to bring on a full time Chief Well-being Officer. A fractional CWO has the subject matter expertise on mental health and well-being as well as the insight into the unique mindsets of attorneys and law firms. A fractional CWO allows law firms the ability to bring in a subject matter expert and C-Suite level involvement, without incurring the cost of a full-time executive. More importantly than cost savings, however, a fractional CWO provides on-demand assessment, program development, training, and crisis response. 



As law firms and businesses begin to return to the office, new challenges and opportunities to employee well-being will emerge. This Return to Office Well-Being Starter Kit is designed for leaders and managers. Renee will help leaders: 

  • Understand the short term and long term impact of individual and collective trauma of COVID-19
  • Identify unique stressors and other pinch points that will impact well-being in the return to office transition 
  • Create a plan to maintain well-being using the six domains of resilience


Law firms, legal departments, and law schools are increasingly looking for solutions to the alarming rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide in the profession. Ignoring the problem has led to loss of well-being, loss of productivity & profitability, and even loss of life. Resilience building works as a proactive measure both in the individual lives of those working in the profession and also challenges unhelpful cultural norms and systemic patterns. In this 60-90 minute presentation, Renee will work with law firm leaders, attorneys, and other legal professionals to identify and cultivate the six different domains of resilience:

  • Values
  • Connection
  • Calm
  • Health
  • Reasoning
  • Optimism

Each area of focus will include immediately usable tools for resilience building both personally and systemically. Wrapped around these domains are vulnerability and boundaries. Vulnerability allows people to take risks, innovate, and solve problems creatively. Boundaries keep people and relationships healthy and safe. We will discuss the role that vulnerability and boundaries play within each domain.

Sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging.


Often when leaders engage in well-being initiatives, the focus is on opportunities for personal wellness (mindfulness classes or chair massages) or organizational wellness (collaborative workspaces or flex leave policies). There is a great need that rests between the personal and the systemic, and that is the interpersonal. As a leader, be it a managing partner, department leader, or committee chair, fostering resilient interpersonal behaviors not only increases the well-being of the team, but increases the team’s performance as well. Resilient leadership requires people to cultivate three qualities in their teams:

  • Authentic connection. Our need to experience belonging and trust with those around us.

  • Lived values. Beliefs that guide our behavior and way of being requires operationalized integrity.

  • Grounded optimism. The realistic hope that allows us to be tenacious and employ grit when we are experiencing crisis, challenge, or change.

Each area of focus will include immediately usable tools for resilience building both personally and systemically. We will also talk about the role of vulnerability and boundaries. Vulnerability allows people to take risks, innovate, and solve problems creatively. Boundaries keep people and relationships healthy and safe. We will discuss the role that vulnerability and boundaries play within each domain.



We provide full service resilience assessments, workshops, and app-based coaching for organizations seeking to create a more humanized and healthier workplace, as well as to strengthen highly achieving individuals and teams.

Stress, challenge, and change are unavoidable in both personal and professional lives. Left unchecked, toxic stress shows up in the workplace as:

  • Anxiety/depression
  • Burnout
  • Addiction
  • Absenteeism
  • Team dysfunction
  • Low morale
  • Low productivity
  • Hostile work environments
  • Negligence/malpractice

Cultivating resilience serves as an inoculation against toxic stress that impacts professionals and the teams in which they work. While resilience can be developed at any time, cultivating resilience is most impactful as a proactive measure.


We conduct half- and full-day workshops, incorporating a resilience assessment for all participants. The assessment covers six different domains of resilience, providing both individual and group scores. Participants identify their specific strength/growth areas and leaders identify overall trends in the resilience health of their organization. Participants engage in interactive experiences using various learning modalities that address different learning styles. Each participant gains tactical tools to immediately improve different domains of resilience, as well as develop strategies for life-long resilience growth.


Workshops may be combined with consulting and coaching. We work closely with leaders and participants over a six month period to cultivate growth in domain areas identified as priorities. This is done through:

  • Regularly scheduled individual and group coaching
  • Daily skill building through an app-based coaching platform
  • Organizational re-assessment at the conclusion of the period
  • Access to the coaching app for an additional six months for self-paced skills development


  • On-boarding new associates
  • Newly formed teams/divisions
  • Management training programs
  • Organizational restructuring, mergers, large-scale organizational change
  • Crisis recovery
  • Underperforming/dysfunctional teams

Additional Keynote Presentations


  • Growing Your Resilience

    • Based on the workshops above, this keynote is designed to illustrate the meaning and importance of resiliency. It also challenges the group to reflect and inquire about how they can develop their own resiliency.
    • Length: 30 minutes to one hour keynote.
  • Splashing Around the Messy Middle:

    • This keynote is all about learning to accept and embrace the messy struggle of our challenges. Whether we face them in our personal or professional lives, the messy middle is the breeding ground for growth and resilience.
    • Length: 15 minute “TED-style” talk to one hour keynote.
  • A Non-Pollyanna’s Guide to Optimism and Gratitude:

    • We know (because we keep being told) that the path to emotional well-being is rooted in optimism and gratitude. Some of us, however (ahem…I’m looking at you, Eeyore), don’t quite come across that naturally. And even the most Pollyanna amongst us sometimes feel the strain of the perma-smile as we try to continue to see the silver lining. This humorous look at how we can experience authentic optimism and gratitude is ideal for the skeptics and the Negative Nellies, as well as the Pollyannas and gratitude gurus.
    • Length: 15 minute “TED-style” talk to one hour keynote.

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching for individuals, managers, and leaders which focuses on honing resiliency skills for themselves or as a way of guiding and developing their teams. This individual coaching can also be provided for team members who are experiencing challenge or change that might be negatively impacting their well-being and performance. This coaching course can be done in-person, via Skype/ Zoom, or teleconference and includes pre and post coaching assessments.


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Keynote on Compassion Fatigue at Trevecca University