For Sally Yates, Suicide Prevention is Personal

On January 30, 2017, Acting United States Attorney General Sally Yates was infamously fired by Donald Trump after she instructed the Justice Department not to make legal arguments defending the order which temporarily banned the admission of refugees and barred travel from certain Muslim-majority countries (her decision was later upheld). Just two short weeks later, Yates madeContinue reading “For Sally Yates, Suicide Prevention is Personal”

Living Ourselves Into A New Way of Thinking

Years ago in grad school, my counseling professor said to me, “Renee, stop thinking so much. Allow yourself the ability to react authentically in the moment. Trust your emotional response.” I had two reactions to that. First, this was graduate school; I thought I was suppose to be thinking! Secondly, I was studying to beContinue reading “Living Ourselves Into A New Way of Thinking”

Grit versus Get ‘er Done: What Lawyers Need to Know

Patrick Krill’s spot-on article in today’s about the “just make it happen/just do it/get ‘er done” mentality in the legal industry caught my attention. First, because of the much-needed encouragement to lawyers to set and hold boundaries, and second because it made me stop and question the difference between grit and “get ‘er done.”Continue reading “Grit versus Get ‘er Done: What Lawyers Need to Know”

The Cost of Not Caring

With the pressures of the billable hour, a culture of perfectionism, law firm dynamics and political minefields, paying attention to the happiness of the individuals who make up a law firm can seem like a waste of precious resources. Years ago I spoke to one leader of a large company who candidly said he didn’tContinue reading “The Cost of Not Caring”

Bids for connection: making your relationship more resilient

It’s Valentine’s Day week. Perhaps you are the ebullient cherub of the patron saint of love and romance, prepping your rose petals for your Valentine’s evening. Or maybe you fall more to the, shall we say, jaded end of the spectrum and cringe at the Hallmark-contrived mandatory love-in. Most likely, like me, you fall somewhereContinue reading “Bids for connection: making your relationship more resilient”

The ROI of Resilience

As your business prepares to close another year, you might be looking ahead for what will continue to keep your people motivated, optimistic, focused and resilient. You might also worry about the cost of investing in positive mental health actions. More training, changed processes, increased screenings and new programs all incur cost, to be sure.Continue reading “The ROI of Resilience”

When Crisis Strikes

You did everything right. You spent time proactively building your resiliency skills, you have a strong support systems, you have strong boundaries and healthy coping mechanisms.  Then, it happened. You are suddenly a caregiver of an aging parent. Or you are left grieving the life transition of being an empty-nester. Perhaps you find yourself inContinue reading “When Crisis Strikes”