Letting Go of Our Judgmental Narratives

I took a walk this morning. That seems very unremarkable, I know. It wasn’t a heart pounding run or even a hike through beautiful vistas. Nope. It was just a long, ambling walk around my neighborhood. I have been taking these walks almost daily for most of the summer and for me, that is remarkable.Continue reading “Letting Go of Our Judgmental Narratives”

Let’s Call a “Time-Out” on Sports Analogies; It’s Bad for Well-Being (and Isn’t Great for Business, Either)

Is there any more common metaphor in business than sports? Everything from team dynamics to business development, from leadership qualities to success metrics, there has been a sports analogy trotted out and attached to it. While I am a big sports fan (I am a born and bred Ohio State Buckeye, after all), I amContinue reading “Let’s Call a “Time-Out” on Sports Analogies; It’s Bad for Well-Being (and Isn’t Great for Business, Either)”

Smart Law Firm Leaders Know WELL-Being Means ALL Beings

One of the most harmful experiences to our mental well-being is isolation and loneliness. This is not to be confused with peaceful solitude or introversion (gaining energy from that peaceful solitude). Those are healthy and necessary forms of alone-ness. We can be alone and still experience connection and belonging with those who aren’t currently sittingContinue reading “Smart Law Firm Leaders Know WELL-Being Means ALL Beings”

Lessons to be Learned from the Resistance to Resilience

Recently, while attending a legal conference, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman I’ll call John. It began like most social networking event conversations, but quickly took a turn I wasn’t expecting. While it was off-putting (for reasons you will soon see), it held important insight into the resistance to the progress the legalContinue reading “Lessons to be Learned from the Resistance to Resilience”

A Guide to the ABA’s Well-Being Pledge

The American Bar Association’s Working Group to Advance Well-Being in the Legal Profession has created a campaign to promote well-being and mental health. The primary vehicle of this campaign is the ABA Well-Being Pledge. Below is guidance on implementing these seven areas of focus and action found in the pledge. 1. Provide Enhanced and RobustContinue reading “A Guide to the ABA’s Well-Being Pledge”

The Role of Colleagues in Suicide Prevention

Knowing, or even suspecting, that a colleague is contemplating suicide is frightening. It is common to feel unsure about what to do if the situation were to arise. Concerns about overstepping bounds with a colleague, making matters worse, or being wrong entirely cause people to hesitate. The positive news is that people can play aContinue reading “The Role of Colleagues in Suicide Prevention”

The Seductive Fallacy of “Going All Out”

Ask any self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie or workaholic and they will say that any letting up of the gas until you have roared through the finish line is simply giving up or being half-hearted. More is more and we can rest when we are dead. Nothing can be incremental or moderate if one expects to seeContinue reading “The Seductive Fallacy of “Going All Out””

R&R Resilience Round-up #3

Minds Over Matters This is exciting news! Law.com “has embarked on a yearlong investigation into mental health across every sector of the legal profession. Over the course of 12 months, we will aim to shine a light on mental health, addiction, stress and well-being; destigmatize the issue; and identify methods to effectuate change.” I lookContinue reading “R&R Resilience Round-up #3”

Resilience in the Social Media Maelstrom

Yesterday, I spoke out on Twitter about a panel discussion at a religious conference entitled “The Dangers of Social Justice.” I pointed out the problem of having five white men lead a discussion that labels justice as “dangerous” when women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups are most likely to benefit from socialContinue reading “Resilience in the Social Media Maelstrom”