Stalking: The Supreme Court Case You Might Not Have Noticed

With all of the (deserved) attention going to the Supreme Court’s decision on the abortion drug Mifepristone, you might not be aware of another critically important case, Counterman v Colorado, that has the potential to make women and other victims of stalking much less safe. Slate magazine’s article Chief Justice John Roberts’ Mockery of Stalking VictimsContinue reading “Stalking: The Supreme Court Case You Might Not Have Noticed”

On Being Anti-Racist and Resilient

Integrity. It is embedded into the practice of resilience because one cannot be fully resilient so long as behaviors are incongruent with professed values. That is why it is not enough for me to merely be passively “not racist,” but actively anti-racist in the life that I lead and the business that I run. MyContinue reading “On Being Anti-Racist and Resilient”

Understanding Childhood Attachment Trauma

I ask that we all take a moment to understand what is happening inside the hearts and brains of the children sitting in warehouses right now alone, yearning to be nurtured, slowly dying for their parents. Trauma can be defined as a deeply disturbing event or series of events outside the normal human experience. ChronicContinue reading “Understanding Childhood Attachment Trauma”

Just the same

I dropped my son off in front of his high school this morning. Just the same as I do every morning. Just the same as many parents dropped off their children in front of Parkland High School yesterday morning. Just the same. Just the same. Just the same. We say that being resilient means theContinue reading “Just the same”