Resilient Lawyers: The Drum That I’ll Keep Beating

“50 percent [of attorneys polled] said their career in law had adversely affected their mental health, while 79 percent said that they would not feel comfortable seeking support from their law firm if they were suffering from a mental health concern.” This came from The American Lawyer’s article We Need an Open Dialogue on MentalContinue reading “Resilient Lawyers: The Drum That I’ll Keep Beating”

Akin Gump Makes Steps to Improve Attorney Well-being. What Can Your Firm Do?

In response to increasing rates of depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide among attorneys, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld has taken great strides in making the emotional and mental well-being of their lawyers a priority. Beginning in June, the Akin Gump Washington D.C. office will have on-site counselors available for appointments one day each week. This isContinue reading “Akin Gump Makes Steps to Improve Attorney Well-being. What Can Your Firm Do?”

Don’t Quit Yer Crying!

A few days ago, news of a “Cry Closet” installation at the University of Utah went viral. A senior year art student, Nemo Miller, built this stand-alone closet which allows students to spend a few minutes to let out the stress of college with a good, old-fashioned cry. The student said he would leave theContinue reading “Don’t Quit Yer Crying!”

Cultivating Resilience in Lawyers from the Ground Up

I had the privilege of being a fly on the wall at Quinnipiac Law School‘s Business of Law Symposium last weekend. Now, it’s not my usual way to spend a beautiful spring Saturday, particularly since I am not an attorney or a law student. I have, however, become increasingly aware of burnout, substance abuse andContinue reading “Cultivating Resilience in Lawyers from the Ground Up”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 10- Can You Hear Me Now?

The most resilient people are also skilled communicators. First, they have the ability to articulate their challenges and their coping strategies: “I can’t stay late at work tonight on such short notice. Let’s talk tomorrow about how we can get the job done more efficiently without either of us having to work overtime.”  “I amContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 10- Can You Hear Me Now?”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 8- Give It a Rest

Today’s focus is specifically on resting and its positive impact on professional resiliency. Discipline, action, intensity, priority: those words do not usually invoke the word “rest.” And, yet, that is exactly what I am prescribing for both individual and organizational resilience. Any marathoner worth their running shoes understands the value of the Rest Day inContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 8- Give It a Rest”

Motivating for Change

As the leader of your team (whether you are a program director of a non-profit, practice group leader or founding partner of a law firm or other organizational leader), one of your most important roles is to assess the functioning of your team. Team dysfunction has direct impact on your ability to meet your clients’Continue reading “Motivating for Change”

My Valentine to Charlottesville: Resiliency Engagement Sessions for Non-Profits

Two weeks ago, I announced that I would be offering, pro bono, a one hour Resiliency Engagement Session for up to four local non-profits as my Valentine to the city that I call home. In the last year, Charlottesville has had to time and again dig deep into its resiliency as it has faced murderousContinue reading “My Valentine to Charlottesville: Resiliency Engagement Sessions for Non-Profits”

Of growth and fear

I recently took stock of all of the major decisions that I’ve made in my adult life. I looked at personal and professional decisions, including active and passive decisions. It is amazing what one will choose to contemplate when one really needs to be cleaning out the basement storage room, but I digress. Included onContinue reading “Of growth and fear”

Self-care for Social Justice Warriors

A little more than year ago I wrote self-care guidelines for social justice workers as I watched the events unfold at JFK airport following Trump’s travel ban. The scene looked strikingly familiar to the scenes of crisis I have witnessed personally. The faces of anxious family members trying to process the swirling deluge of information.Continue reading “Self-care for Social Justice Warriors”