Goal Setting Builds Resilience

Being resilient is a belief in the 3 P’s (Personalization, Permanence, and Pervasiveness) for managing upset. This concept comes from Dr. Martin Seligman and it is a reminder that: in the midst of our adversity that while it involves us, it is not necessarily because of us (personalization), that the feeling of grief/ challenge/ crisisContinue reading “Goal Setting Builds Resilience”

Of Grit and Grace

Several years ago, had someone told me I would make the choice to compete in an endurance race that involved crawling under barbed wire through rocky mud pits, hurling oneself over 15 foot high walls and jumping over fire pits, I would have thought they were crazy. At a petite 5’3″, I am hardly anContinue reading “Of Grit and Grace”

Let be. Let go. Let in.

I have never had a quiet mind. Those who know me might even laugh at that understatement. For the most part, I embrace it! There are many benefits to having a mind that likes to stay busy. Those of us who have “unquiet minds” also tend to be planners, problem solvers, action oriented and goodContinue reading “Let be. Let go. Let in.”

Book Review & Activity Guide: What Do You Do With A Problem?

It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men and women, and there is no better time than childhood to strengthen that resiliency muscle! Looking for creative solutions to problems, seeing them as opportunity and allowing them to build our grit all contribute to resilience. Kobi Yamada‘s book, What Do You Do WithContinue reading “Book Review & Activity Guide: What Do You Do With A Problem?”

Cultivating Resilience in Lawyers from the Ground Up

I had the privilege of being a fly on the wall at Quinnipiac Law School‘s Business of Law Symposium last weekend. Now, it’s not my usual way to spend a beautiful spring Saturday, particularly since I am not an attorney or a law student. I have, however, become increasingly aware of burnout, substance abuse andContinue reading “Cultivating Resilience in Lawyers from the Ground Up”

The Point of Pain (Part 1)

We all want to avoid pain; it is encoded into our DNA as a means of self-protection. Whether we make the extra trip to the medicine cabinet to ease the physical pain of a headache or tip back a larger than normal pour of chardonnay to ease the emotional pain of a heartbreak, we seekContinue reading “The Point of Pain (Part 1)”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 10- Can You Hear Me Now?

The most resilient people are also skilled communicators. First, they have the ability to articulate their challenges and their coping strategies: “I can’t stay late at work tonight on such short notice. Let’s talk tomorrow about how we can get the job done more efficiently without either of us having to work overtime.”  “I amContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 10- Can You Hear Me Now?”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 9- Mindfulness

If you are like me, you might picture an individual in a very Zen posture in deep meditation any time someone mentioned mindfulness. Also, if you are like me, your reaction might be “who’s got time for THAT?” I’ve told myself that even if I had time, I’d be terrible at it. My mind wouldContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 9- Mindfulness”

10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 3- Don’t Carry Around What is Not Yours

We all carry around a lot in life. On one end of the spectrum, there is the daily grind of work, family and personal responsibility. Those are the constant obligations that alone don’t seem like much, but always seem to come bundled with 100 different other things we have to do. My boyfriend calls thoseContinue reading “10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 3- Don’t Carry Around What is Not Yours”