Living Ourselves Into A New Way of Thinking

Years ago in grad school, my counseling professor said to me, “Renee, stop thinking so much. Allow yourself the ability to react authentically in the moment. Trust your emotional response.” I had two reactions to that. First, this was graduate school; I thought I was suppose to be thinking! Secondly, I was studying to beContinue reading “Living Ourselves Into A New Way of Thinking”

The Interplay of Stress, Disruption, and Innovation

Innovation and disruption are words taking up a lot of ink right now, particularly in the legal industry where AI, NewLaw, compensation restructuring, and encroachment of the Big Four are coming fast and furious. Both have one common core: change. And change is stressful. It does not matter whether that change is positive or negative,Continue reading “The Interplay of Stress, Disruption, and Innovation”

BigLaw Isn’t Waking Up To The Alarm and It’s Killing Lawyers

Today, Baker McKenzie confirmed the death of their Global Chair, Paul Rawlinson. In October of last year, Rawlinson took a leave of absence to focus on his personal health. Today’s announcement of his untimely passing included word that his health issues were “caused by exhaustion.” The lives of the Rawlinson family is forever changed: children suddenlyContinue reading “BigLaw Isn’t Waking Up To The Alarm and It’s Killing Lawyers”

Relationships & resilience: 3 key ingredients

February is a month dedicated to love and relationships, so I thought there is no better time than to focus on how relationships can foster resilience. This is true for romantic relationships, friend and family relationships, even work and community relationships. Not all relationships are created equal, however, and not all are healthy. Relationships thatContinue reading “Relationships & resilience: 3 key ingredients”

January’s Resilience Focus: Meaning

I am thrilled to begin this six month journey cultivating resilience with you. Each month our practice will center around one pillar of resilience. You will discover soon enough that even as we practice in one area other pillars will be discussed and strengthened as well. This month we will be concentrating on MEANING. ThatContinue reading “January’s Resilience Focus: Meaning”

Keep Indulging!

Happy New Year! And yes, you read that headline right. Keep indulging! I know it’s January 4th and if you are like me, you are sitting somewhere back at work, slightly dazed, and craving fondue and a cocktail even though it’s just 11:15am. We’ve indulged and partied and celebrated and taken naps and lived inContinue reading “Keep Indulging!”

Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!

It snowed in Charlottesville all day yesterday. When it finally eased off around 10pm, we had close to 8 inches of snow. The white blanket looked festive and sparkling surrounded in the neighborhood Christmas lights. I had been slow to feel much in the holiday spirit this year, but having “real snow” in Virginia beforeContinue reading “Deck the Halls with Expectations! Fa-La-La-La-La Let’s Take a Breath!”

Steel Magnolia

If you live in the South, you know that the magnolias are blooming. Their scent is as gentle and sweet as their petals are big and bold. Holding one, you notice that they are thick, weighty and velvety. It is no surprise that they have symbolized nobility and dignity since ancient times. Coming of ageContinue reading “Steel Magnolia”