The Seductive Fallacy of “Going All Out”

Ask any self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie or workaholic and they will say that any letting up of the gas until you have roared through the finish line is simply giving up or being half-hearted. More is more and we can rest when we are dead. Nothing can be incremental or moderate if one expects to seeContinue reading “The Seductive Fallacy of “Going All Out””

Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Industry

“I see families in their darkest hours. Some have made choices that put their children in danger–or worse, harmed them intentionally. Others are desperately trying to save a drug addicted child’s life. There are women desperate to get away from an abuser. Kids are acting out because they are in pain, getting into even worseContinue reading “Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Industry”

R&R Resilience Round-up #3

Minds Over Matters This is exciting news! “has embarked on a yearlong investigation into mental health across every sector of the legal profession. Over the course of 12 months, we will aim to shine a light on mental health, addiction, stress and well-being; destigmatize the issue; and identify methods to effectuate change.” I lookContinue reading “R&R Resilience Round-up #3”

Balance is Bullsh*t!

I am going to cut to the chase. Balance is bullshit. It is a myth. It is a unicorn that is more likely to be a disinterested pony with a papier-maché horn than some magical beast ready to carry us to the rainbow world of perfect harmony. I hope that doesn’t sound too pessimistic becauseContinue reading “Balance is Bullsh*t!”

Resilience in the Social Media Maelstrom

Yesterday, I spoke out on Twitter about a panel discussion at a religious conference entitled “The Dangers of Social Justice.” I pointed out the problem of having five white men lead a discussion that labels justice as “dangerous” when women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups are most likely to benefit from socialContinue reading “Resilience in the Social Media Maelstrom”

Resilient Rituals

Each of us have our daily routines. I do the same thing every single morning when I wake up. I walk directly to the coffee pot, and stand trace-like in front of it until the it’s ready. Pavlov’s dogs had nothing on me. Those are key ingredients to me starting the day off on theContinue reading “Resilient Rituals”

The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

It should come as no surprise that sexual harassment is another prong of the pitchfork that is the toxic culture in the legal profession. The pitchfork that leads to suicide, addictions, and burnout for lawyers and professionals. The pitchfork that leads to increased malpractice, absenteeism/attrition, and impact on profitability. In a new survey conducted byContinue reading “The Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession”

For Sally Yates, Suicide Prevention is Personal

On January 30, 2017, Acting United States Attorney General Sally Yates was infamously fired by Donald Trump after she instructed the Justice Department not to make legal arguments defending the order which temporarily banned the admission of refugees and barred travel from certain Muslim-majority countries (her decision was later upheld). Just two short weeks later, Yates madeContinue reading “For Sally Yates, Suicide Prevention is Personal”