Just the same

I dropped my son off in front of his high school this morning. Just the same as I do every morning. Just the same as many parents dropped off their children in front of Parkland High School yesterday morning. Just the same. Just the same. Just the same. We say that being resilient means theContinue reading “Just the same”

My Valentine to Charlottesville: Resiliency Engagement Sessions for Non-Profits

Two weeks ago, I announced that I would be offering, pro bono, a one hour Resiliency Engagement Session for up to four local non-profits as my Valentine to the city that I call home. In the last year, Charlottesville has had to time and again dig deep into its resiliency as it has faced murderousContinue reading “My Valentine to Charlottesville: Resiliency Engagement Sessions for Non-Profits”

Of growth and fear

I recently took stock of all of the major decisions that I’ve made in my adult life. I looked at personal and professional decisions, including active and passive decisions. It is amazing what one will choose to contemplate when one really needs to be cleaning out the basement storage room, but I digress. Included onContinue reading “Of growth and fear”

Self-care for Social Justice Warriors

A little more than year ago I wrote self-care guidelines for social justice workers as I watched the events unfold at JFK airport following Trump’s travel ban. The scene looked strikingly familiar to the scenes of crisis I have witnessed personally. The faces of anxious family members trying to process the swirling deluge of information.Continue reading “Self-care for Social Justice Warriors”

Intensity, Not Drama

“Whoa, that was intense!” Do you remember the last time you used that phrase in the office? Most of the time when someone describes something as “intense”, they often mean something related to an event that that was emotionally charged and sometimes even chaotic. Think of it as the “reality show reaction” to work environments: aContinue reading “Intensity, Not Drama”

February Valentine for Non-profits: FREE Resiliency Engagement Session!

Are you a leader of a non-profit organization in the Charlottesville, VA area? Do you wonder if your team is as resilient as they could be? Are you looking for an engaging trainer and speaker for your 2018 professional development calendar? I am sending some Valentines and want to send one to your organization! DuringContinue reading “February Valentine for Non-profits: FREE Resiliency Engagement Session!”

Monday Motivation: Protect Your Energy

I admit it, I’m all about the #hashtag life. I get a kick out of what is trending on social media. Every Monday comes the flurry of #mondaymotivation on Twitter (61k and counting as of 9am this morning). There is a lot of “go-go-go” and “slay” and “can’t stop/ won’t stop”–and it is GREAT! ExceptContinue reading “Monday Motivation: Protect Your Energy”

The Sneaky Problem with Gratitude

Gratitude is the foundation of living a life that is wholehearted and joyful. I believe this even in the midst of feeling less than grateful. I understand the truth of it because I can’t think of a time when I’ve felt joyful and not also felt grateful. No gratitude, no joy. Google the word “gratitude” andContinue reading “The Sneaky Problem with Gratitude”