10 Days & 10 Ways to Build Resilience: Day 4- Pick Up What is Yours

Be accountable to yourself. As imperative as it is to not slog around a bunch of garbage that isn’t ours to haul, we must pick up what is ours. In times of great crisis or overwhelming burden of mistakes, we feel things spinning out of our control. The reaction is often to shut down or shift blame. We hit CTL+ALT+DEL, pull the covers over our eyes and hope for the best.

When we fall short, make mistakes or hurt others, we must pick up and own our part. Not more, not less. Why?

  • Because it disarms those who would choose to use our story as a weapon against us.
  • Because we can’t fix what we won’t own.
  • Because it realigns us with our integrity when we see where we’ve been incongruent.
  • Because the more we run from it, the more it defines us.

Owning our mistakes and our struggle is more empowering than faking perfectionism.

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