February Valentine for Non-profits: FREE Resiliency Engagement Session!

Are you a leader of a non-profit organization in the Charlottesville, VA area? Do you wonder if your team is as resilient as they could be? Are you looking for an engaging trainer and speaker for your 2018 professional development calendar?

I am sending some Valentines and want to send one to your organization!

During the month of February, I am offering a one hour, pro bono, engagement session on building resilience for up to four local (Charlottesville and Richmond, VA) non-profit organizations. Using personal stories, humor, compassion, and research, my engagement session will introduce concepts of organizational burnout and organizational resilience.

Session must be booked in February and can be scheduled any time during 2018.

This is a one hour session that is ideal as a retreat keynote, lunchtime brown-bag “Lunch & Learn”, or single session on a professional development day.

Contact Renee: renee.branson72@gmail.com to schedule your session!



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